About Us

From an agricultural background M Fresh Farm Foods have decided to graduate to a ‘whole nother level’. We acknowledge that cocoa is a necessity for a sufficient livelihood in developing countries whilst it constitutes a passion for others in other parts of the world. So with this in mind, we have found ways to support all parties by sourcing fairly traded cocoa from unexploited workers whilst in the midst of persistent experiments, we have discovered the simplest and cost effective way to present chocolate Drinks to suit everyone’s desires.

This passion was birthed nowhere else but in Mother’s kitchen where we established the brand Moonlight Chocolate Drinks. This trademark became apparent as it reflected the juxtaposition of the versatility of current and developing products meaning that Moonlight Chocolate Drinks is enjoyable throughout all seasons. Inspired by the legend Executive Chef John Williams, MBE, we have aspired to attain to develop a Gourmet style drink enthused with traditional and yet classic flavours…. Making Chocolate Drinks Traditional all over again.

The rest of the story is still yet to be discovered as the experiments continue.

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